Doceo eCompulsa Lexnet: is the solution created especially for lawyers, in order to be able to generate electronic copies of documents with a single click.


  • Software integrated with the scanners, generating an electronic copy of the documents with a single click.
  • The generated document complies with the current regulations (Law 1065/2015):
  • Digital image of the document
  • Generating a PDF / A
  • Incorporation of the OCR layer in the document
  • Electronic signature
  • The time dedicated to digitization is reduced, improving the efficiency in the administrative procedures to be carried out.
  • The resulting electronic document is optimized, occupying the minimum space and preserving the highest quality, thus facilitating the integration with the Lexnet platform or with other external systems and also facilitating the sending of the document by electronic means.
  • The paper is removed from the processes of document processing and management from the first moment, thus reducing the expense, the volume of the file, the use of paper and the environmental impact.


esquema solución de mejora de imagen, reducción de tamaño y firma digital

Scanning / Importing documents

The documents to be scanned are prepared and placed in the scanner feeder.

Document processing

The system, in a fully automated way, performs the following actions:
  • Improvement of the document image
  • Weight reduction
  • Deletion of blank pages (according to parameters)
  • The OCR layer of the document is generated
  • Digital signature
  • The corresponding PDF / A is generated


The document is sent to your management system.

Other features:

  • Multiple signatures
  • Optionally metadata can be requested in advance of scanning.
  • Supported languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, Portuguese.
  • Includes a record for audits.


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