Specialists in digitization and optimization of digital objects

We are specialists in the management of digital objects, automatically classifying the documentary typology, extracting information, reducing weight, improving quality, identifying content, preserving long-term, digitally signing, ... of documents via digitalization or import.

In 2008, we implemented the first massive document digitization projects with the reading of bar codes (fines, delivery notes, notifications, orders and invoices) and manual indexing (documentation of legal archives).

The first installation of doceo facCert was in 2009, implementing the digitization and extraction of supplier invoice data for automatic accounting.

In the same year, doceo eCompulsa was certified for the certified digitization of supplier invoices by the Tax Agency.

The first implementations of the doceo eCompulsa were in 2010, aimed at the digitalization of the documentation of entry registration and file documentation with electronic signature and time signature,

In 2011, we integrated solutions in the automatic identification of documents based on their morphology, allowing documents to be classified automatically.

In 2012, the MIDPOINT project began on new approaches to long-term digital preservation, co-financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

In 2014, we implemented the module for sending files to the iArxiu.

In 2015, the module of automatic improvement of images is integrated to facilitate the reading of the text.

In 2016, the module for reducing the weight of documents is integrated.