Document scanning, data extraction, digital signature, electronic compulsion, document size reduction without loss of quality, integration with external systems and document management.


Doceo eCompulsa 3.0: digitally or digitally digitized digital signature.

Doceo eCompulsa

  • Authentic copy for public administrations
  • Mass Scan with Digital Signature
  • Compresses with a single click
  • Mass Process
  • Optimized color documents, taking up little space without losing quality
  • Certified by CATCert


doceo eCompulsa Lexnet: solved by the generació of documents signats vàlids per Lexnet amb a sol clic.

Doceo eCompulsa Lexnet

  • Integrated software with scanners, generating electronic copies of documents with just one click
  • Complies with current regulations (Law 1065/2015)
  • Generation of PDF / A with OCR layer
  • With an electronic signature
  • Documents optimized to fill the minimum disk space


doceo facCert: scans vendor invoices received extracted data Integrates automatically with enterprise ERP or Workflow.

Doceo FacCert

  • Automatic provider identification
  • Automatically extract header and line data
  • Validation of orders and / or delivery notes
  • With the Sweet module , with the eCompulsa Sweet 1.0 scanning module legally certified according to the EHA rules


doceo iPDF: to process your PDF documents to reduce - and size and optionally add your digital signature.

Doceo iPDF

  • Unsupported, transparent process for user
  • With configurable end-user parameters:
  • input / output folders
  • add a pdf access key
  • different compression formats
  • add the signature and make it visible in the document


doceo TC2: is the solution to extract data from TC2 documents Multiple workers and generate individuals in a fully automated way.

Doceo TC2

  • Fully automated TC2 document processing
  • Generating a TC2 document for an employee of a TC2 document with all employees.
  • Renamed generated document for easy identification and / or sending.


doceo eDNI: Automatically reads scanned DNI data.

Doceo eDNI

  • Automatic reading of Spanish DNI data
  • Availability of having digitized DNI.
  • With the possibility of integration with external systems.


doceo eFact: issue electronic invoices format Invoice 3.2 or signed PDF.

Doceo eFact

  • Recognized digital signature certificates
  • Configurable with different signatures, depending on the issuer
  • Fast, simple and with full legal validity of
  • Invoice Invoice Issue Format 3.2


doceo ademptio: modular scanning platform, configurable to create customized solutions, whatever the need.

Doceo aDemptio

  • For all types of documents (delivery notes, files, contracts, receipts, orders, ...)
  • Read OCR and full text
  • Read the bar and checkbox codes
  • Document Identification
  • Digital signature and time signature
  • Data entry with data entry


The only mass digitization application with electronic Compulsa certified by CATCert


doceo ecompulsa 2.0

doceo eCompulsa 2.0.  It is the most technologically complete solution for scanning, comparing, verifying and verifying massively or on time documents presented on paper and authenticating in electronic format with legal validity.




Digitization and archiving solutions for offices and agencies


doceo iGest

Especially for the offices and professional offices, in which a large volume of documents are used on paper, we have developed a solution that allows to digitize all of its clients' documents, and automatically read the content to quickly classify and search the document.

Withdoceo iGest access to the document is facilitated without the need for journeys and physical file manipulation.



The professional solution for the management of tasks of departmental and corporate teams.


doceo taskManager It allows creation, allocation and control of tasks, either at departmental or corporate level.

This solution manages and facilitates the protocolization of tasks, files, etc. through the absolute control of each task, the responsible and executed users for the execution, the management of notices, the automatic sending of e-mail, calendar options, control of availability of personnel, periodic tasks, association of tasks to a file, etc.

Widthdoceo taskManager you can take control of the time spent on each of the tasks, and find deviations between the predicted time and real time of dedication, to optimize the resources and profitability of the tasks.

With an easy interface, we have incorporated the possibility of integration with the sweet iGest solution, application of digitization and document management, with the aim of having a control of the beginning to end a file or task.


Automatic Document Recognition

Based on morphological parameters, it detects if it is an invoice, a contract, a bank document, a writing, etc. thanks to the effort of our R & D department and the collaboration with research centers in Universities. Next, the system extracts the content and leaves it in its database for its processing.

Intelligent Content Identification System  

We have created an Intelligent Content Identification System (SiIC), which allows us to identify the positions of different data "without creating and using templates", thanks to a system of smart bookstores.


Scan the vendor invoices for historical years, and automatically the application "discovers" the settlement code in its accounting, making a link to view the invoice when you want to check.

Digitalización Masiva
Mass Digitalization

The basis of our technology, the modular platform doceo ademptio, generates solutions and advanced products of high technological profitability. It allows you to manage the information contained in the physical or electronic documents, interpreting and managing the data in an intelligent and effective way for your company or corporation.


Productos Funcionales
Functional Products

Based on the multiple configurations of our DOCEO ADEMPTIO digitalisation platform, functional products are created for companies and entities, administrations and public administration. Bulk digitization of supplier invoices, issuance of invoices to customers, use of electronic signature, etc. They are concrete solutions to the growing demand in technology for savings.


Soluciones a medida
Tailored solutions

In the business world there is a need to evolve. In DOCEO SOFTWARE we have committed ourselves to creating models of open solutions that will facilitate the customer's growth with all the technical possibilities of the moment.


Integration with MS SharePoint


The sweetness ademptio scanning platform integrates with Sharepoint allowing the indexing metadata to be sent along with the document.

Among other features, it is allowed to digitally sign any document, being able to process the document generated in textual PDF format (with OCR).

The incorporation of documents into the manager becomes an easy and agile task in allowing to transfer any document format.


Integrationwith Alfresco


Alfresco It is a free content management system, based on open standards and a business scale. Doceo Software has considered performing a technical effort to integrate the digitization platform Doceo Ademptio to connect with this powerful document manager.

In Doceo Software we believe that integrations with the most extended documentary managers allow us to improve the documentary process from its origin on paper, managing the metadata and its features, incorporating them into document management processes for ease and control of information.